Patient Testimonials

Jane Pendergast

Dear Marta,

Thank you for helping me with my SI injury.  I was worried my injury would slow me down or prevent me from being able to play volleyball this season, but you helped me heal and this season is going great.  

I really appreciated your flexibility to meet near my house.  That made getting to my physical therapy appointments so much easier with my work and practice schedule.

Rhonda Wollen


Marta has truly been a blessing.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking at home wound care and physical therapy .  The convenience of having her come to your home and her professionalism is second to none.  She is prompt, courteous and attentive.  I appreciate her dedication to cleanliness and caring for wounds in a expedited manner.  I wouldn't choose anyone else for my at home wound care and physical therapy and would recommend her to anyone who needs this type of care for themselves or a loved one. 

Rachel Bolter

I have experienced chronic low back pain for many years without relief until I began physical therapy with Marta. The change in my range of motion, tolerance of daily tasks, my flexibility, and decrease in the chronic pain was immediate. I have learned stretching and strengthening exercises I can do at home anytime. I can now go about my daily life and sleep without frequent breaks and sleepless nights. Do yourself a favor and schedule appointments with Marta, take care of yourself, and trust that Marta will improve you!